The Table Mountain in Capetown in South Africa is visited by more than 1 million tourists every year. However, not all of them return back home alive.

The mountain with the flat top is 1085m high and it is often buried in thick clouds that look like it’s table cloth. The mountain is fulld of lively wild flowers, and from the top you can view the whole city and the ocean.

However the looks can fool you, as this mountain is deadlier than Mount Everest.

Many think it is easy to climb the Table Mountain as it is only 1085m high, but most of the people forget the fact that it features an extremely hard climb. Each year between 10 and 20 people lost their lives during the climb.

Just for comparison, in 2010, seven people have lost their lives on Table Mountain, while 4 has lost their lives on Mount Everest.

The experts say that for the most of the deaths on Table Mountain the reason is  inadequate preparation for different weather condition in the field. Many have lost their lives due to really dull reasons such as not having a map of the route, warm clothes or charged mobile phone.

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